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01. Design

We undertake all the necessary studies and designs for all kind of projects. From a small detached house to a luxurious five-star hotel.

02. Construction

We are offering construction of luxury holiday homes, villas, swimming pools, underground parking and apartments with contemporary aesthetic and always keeping in mind the safety precautions.

03. Real estate management

Effective real estate planning and management with a personalized approach in order to maximize each project’s lifetime value.

Dynamic | Self-created | Inventive

Konstantinos Gatsioulis

The man who envisions and founded “Hanioti Properties”.

It is him that has the inspiration to create each company’s project.

Emphasizing into details, quality and elegance.

The company

Hanioti Properties

Since 2005 Hanioti Properties builds luxury homes, villas, pools, underground parkings, apartments and top design hotels in Halkidiki.

The company employs on a permanent basis specialized engineers while at the same time collaborates with distinguished associates, such as civil engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, decorators and other scientists.